The Changing eLearning Revolution

In Africa, getting access to a good internet connection to stream video is challenging at the best of times! Furthermore, many learning providers took their course slides, added some audio and called it "eLearning". The net result was a snoozefest.

Geometric Progression is pleased to annouce our unique offline (and online) eLearning courses.

Our mission is to disrupt the elearning by:

  1. Making it very affordable for Corporates and for individuals.
  2. The courses can be watched offline i.e. the entire course can be downloaded to your machine. You are allowed to register 2 machines with one subscription! This was done for those people who have a desktop and laptop or those who want a home copy and work copy.
  3. The courses Incorporate mutimedia.
  4. The courses are divided into a series of short videos that can be watched in manageable doses.
  5. Each course has section quizes and an exam.
  6. You can viewd % completed, minutes watched etc.

The courses are going to be released progressively.

How much?

Each course is priced differently based on the type of content and hours of work! Refer to the individual courses for more information!

The current live course is:

Elearning: Understanding the Financial Markets
  • 283 videos
  • Quizzes and Exam
  • Online and Offline version

Check it out..

Price - Individuals:

  • Students* & Pensioners*: R250 + vat
  • Individuals: R500 + vat

Lifetime ownership! All for the price of a dinner!

* Students and pensioners simply need to email student card or pensioner card.

Contact us at +27 21 794 8332 for more information and payment.

Price - Corporates:

We have an extremely affordable graduated pricing strategy. For example, for corporates with 1000 employees or less, the price is R27,500 + vat in TOTAL per year! In other words, if you have 1000 employees, it works out at R27.50 per person per year!! Alternatively, you can even buy the source files for lifetime use!

The more the employees, the cheaper it gets per additional employee! *This price is for SA companies. Prices for entities outside of RSA are equally as competitive.

Contact us at +27 21 794 8332 for more information and payment.

Courses soon to be released:

Alternative versions of the above courses for Botswana and International editions will also be avaialble. Furthermore, more courses will be released through the year.