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A Bit of Background

Founded in January 2005

Geometric Progression fuses the art of quantitative analysis with the science of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Headquartered in the scenic landscapes of Cape Town, our influence extends across Africa and Europe, making us a global force in the realm of financial analytics and AI.

Our Expertise

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Strategic AI Implementation

From the foundations of AI to its application, our expertise spans:

Logo Initial Setup: Laying the groundwork for a successful AI strategy.

Logo Policy Design: Creating the guidelines and rules for your AI operations.

Logo Implementation: Bringing your AI vision to life with seamless execution.

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AI-Driven Forecasting & Automation

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to predict trends and automate tasks for optimized performance.

Logo Advanced Predictive Analysis: Identify patterns and foresee market dynamics.

Logo Task Automation: Efficiently handle repetitive tasks and workflows using AI.

Logo Optimized Business Decisions: Make data-backed decisions with precision.

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Portfolio Analytics and Modelling

Empower your financial decisions with sophisticated portfolio analysis and data models.

Logo Data-Driven Insights: Deep dive into your portfolio's performance metrics.

Logo Custom Modelling: Tailored models that align with your investment strategy.

Logo Continuous Updates: Stay ahead with real-time analytics.

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Advanced Valuation & Pricing Expertise

Gain a competitive edge with accurate valuation and pricing strategies.

Logo Comprehensive Analysis: Detailed valuation metrics for informed decision-making.

Logo Dynamic Pricing: Adapt to market conditions with agile pricing models.

Logo Expert Consultation: Benefit from our team's vast experience in valuation and pricing.

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Market Oversight & Compliance Monitoring

Ensure seamless operations with vigilant market oversight and adherence to regulatory norms.

Logo Real-Time Monitoring: Keep a pulse on market trends and irregularities.

Logo Regulatory Adherence: Ensure all operations comply with industry regulations.

Logo Automated Reporting: Automated systems for timely and accurate reporting.


Our commitment extends beyond solutions. Given our niche specialization, we've ventured into the realm of training. We pride ourselves on deciphering intricate financial concepts and presenting them in a comprehensible manner, solidifying our reputation as industry educators.


Steering the ship is Mark Raffaelli CFA® charterholder, CFA Institute, FRM® Financial Risk Manager, the linchpin of Geometric Progression. Mark embarked on his illustrious career in London, trading Swaps and Fras. Many are familiar with Mark from his eight-year tenure at the Bond Exchange in South Africa. His contributions still resonate today, as his name is referenced in the ILB & FRN pricing guidelines and yield curve specifications.

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